Add Syncfusion License Key

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I want to:

  • Add Syncfusion License Key

  • We will continue from previous article 🚀 Add Syncfusion Busy Indicator.

  • Will not add new controls to previous code.

Demo Video

Below 🎬 video shows how to Add Syncfusion License Key in Visual Studio 2022.

Get License Key


  • Now go to “Claim License Key” as shown in below 👇🏻 image.


  • A new page open and select “COPY TO CLIPBOARD” as shown in below 👇🏻 image.


Add Syncfusion Key

In this section we add Syncfusion Key Window.

  • Open “App.xaml.cs” file as shown in below 👇🏻 image.


  • Create a Constructor for this “App.xaml.cs” file as shown in below 👇🏻 image.


  • Register Syncfusion license shown in below 👇🏻 image.


public App()
    SyncfusionLicenseProvider.RegisterLicense("YOUR LICENSE KEY");

Final Result

Now we run the application as shown in below 👇🏻 image.


Now we did not see License message since we add our License Key.

This is it !!!

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