Solidworks C++ API

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Disclaimer, this page is only for my learning purpose!!!

Nothing special I have to say or write for this Solidworks C++ API tutorials.

I will start posting on Solidworks C++ API tutorials along with Solidworks VBA tutorials on casual basis (Whenever I got time).

For whom this section might be interested?

  • Those who want to learn Solidworks C++ API

  • Student doing Masters in CAD/CAM

  • Casual programmers like myself who want to apply what is learnt!

One thing is sure, I am not going to explain in very detail because I am more of a .NET developer not a C++ Developer.

I just want to explore C++ in Visual studio and best way to do is writing some program using my existing knowledge of Solidworks C# API.

So Solidworks C++ API posts are more “how” to type not much descriptive like Solidworks VBA posts, which tends to describe in detailed manner.

That’s it!!!

I hope you will like this and enjoy this section also.