Solidworks C++ API - Prerequisite

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In this post, I tell you what you need to start with Solidworks C++ API:

  • Of course, Solidworks is required. Any version will do. But Solidworks 2016 or more is preferable.

  • We need Visual studio Community edition and we will download it for free.

  • Knowledge of C++ programming language.

Visual Studio Community edition

Since we want to learn Solidworks C++ API. We need Solidworks Software.

So I assume that you have it otherwise you don’t come to this website!

Now we need Visual Studio Community edition and Visual Studio 2019 Community edition is the latest version.

If you are downloading 1st time, then download 2019 version.

I have Visual Studo 2017 Community edition installed hence I will use 2017 Community version which is a free version for learning purpose.

One benefit of using Visual Studio is that it is a industry standard IDE hence if someone wants to do a job as developer s/he can use it and have the experience.

There are lots of videos out there which show you how to download Visual Studio Community edition.

One such video is shown below. Please go through that video which provide you all steps.

Please note that this video is 2 years old but still relevent, URLs are same for downloading purpose.

Benefit of this video is that it is part of C++ tutorial in Visual studio.

Knowledge of C++ programming language

If you don’t have Knowledge of C++ programming language, then you can use any course from YouTube.

I personally find below playlist more useful, so if you like you can learn from below playlist also.

This is it !!!

Now we are ready to start our 1st Hello World program in Solidworks using Solidworks C++ APIs.

Hope this post helps you to setup softwares.

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Till then, Happy learning!!!