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Solidworks C++ API

less than 1 minute read

Disclaimer, this page is only for my learning purpose!!!

Open Solidworks Part Document

4 minute read

In this post, I tell you about how to Open Solidworks Part Document using Solidworks C++ API from Visual Studio.



VBA In Solidworks

2 minute read

Solidworks provides us two methods for open Visual Basic for Application.


VBE Windows

10 minute read

In this post we look following windows in Visual Basic Editor:

Executing Sub and Function Procedures

4 minute read

Although you may not know much about developing procedures at this point, I’m going to jump ahead a bit and discuss how to execute these procedures.

VBA Variables

1 minute read

VBA’s main purpose is to manipulate data. VBA stores the data in your computer’s memory; it may or may not end up on disk.

Variable Scope

2 minute read

A variable’s scope determines which modules and procedures can use the variable.

VBA Constants

2 minute read

A variable’s value may (and usually does) change while your procedure is executing.

VBA String Basics

2 minute read

The String data type represents a series of characters. This topic introduces the basic concepts of strings in Visual Basic.

VBA Arrays

1 minute read

Most programming languages support arrays. An array is a group of variables that share a common name.

VBA Functions

3 minute read

A function essentially performs a calculation and returns a single value.

VBA Functions that do more

4 minute read

A few VBA functions go above and beyond the call of duty. Rather than simply return a value, these functions have some useful side effects.

VBA Looping

6 minute read

The term looping refers to repeating a block of VBA statements numerous times.

Bug Finding

4 minute read

A bug is an error in your programming. Here I cover the topic of programming bugs — how to identify them and how to remove them from your module.

VBA Debugger

5 minute read

In this section, I discuss the details of using the VBA debugging tools.

VBA Dialog Boxes

1 minute read

You can’t use VBA very long without being exposed to dialog boxes.

VBA MsgBox Function

4 minute read

You’re probably already familiar with the VBA MsgBox function — I use it quite a bit in the examples.

VBA InputBox Function

1 minute read

The VBA’s InputBox function is useful for obtaining a single piece of information from the user.

VBA UserForms

6 minute read

A UserForm is useful if your VBA macro needs to get information from a user.